2010 recap: don’t be a foochebag.

First of all, happy 2011! I’m a little behind on posts and hope to make it up to you with a quick recap. Truth is, I needed the break. I’m sure we all did. But now it’s officially January, officially a new year, and officially time to start making all kinds of resolutions that may or may not be kept once February hits. Here’s the first one…

I logged into wordpress only to discover a link to a challenge: post once a day or once a week in the new year. Once a day might be too ambitious for my crazy ways, but once a week (at a minimum), is exactly the sort of push I need. And it may lead to some interesting topics that go beyond recipes. I’m excited to see where this takes us. I hope you are too.

For starters, there was an excellent post on ahungryartist.com that officially marks 2010 as THE YEAR OF FOOD. This may or may not be a good thing. Our food obsession has crept closer to the edge of excess. This recap of 2010 is brilliant, succinct, and sums up the trend. Check it out here. Warning: the picture that comes up may not be suitable for young children (although who doesn’t love Tony Bourdain sporting luscious locks?).

Another great recap, mentioned briefly in the blog post above, can be found on Eater.com. It links to the top ten must-watch food videos of the year. Feast your eyes and ears here.

After you’ve watched the videos, you can move on to some quality reading material. Take a look at the 8 food magazines you should read now, according to www.good.is. Gastronomica is a classic in academia and highly recommended. Although, I’d like to add two more to the list: Put An Egg On It and any or all of the Edible series (especially Edible Manhattan and Edible Queens).

And, of course, how can I forget these top 10 fabulous Food Network screen shots?

Finally, if you still haven’t gotten enough food news to satisfy your year in review cravings, take this quiz on Chow.com and test your weird food skills.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, foochebag-free New Year!

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    What a great post. I definitely look forward to checking out some of the links (magazines to read, the wrap-up, videos, etc)…when I’m…um…not at work 🙂 Happy New Year!

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