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My name is Andrea, and I’m a veggieaholic 😉 I love veggies and nothing makes me happier than getting others to try (and like!) new ingredients and flavors they’ve never had before. I’m a mom of 2, a writer, creative director, plant-based chef, guacamole monster and forever dabbler in the kitchen. I’m not a restaurant chef – but I got certified as a plant-based chef, because I wanted to learn how to cook the healthiest food on the planet for my family. And I’m passing those lessons onto you through this blog and a bi-weekly LIVE cooking show on Periscope and Facebook. My goal is to make it easy (and fun) to cook healthy food at home, even when life gets super busy.


Join me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30PM EST over on Facebook and 4PM EST on Periscope (@dabblingchef) where we can chat and you can ask me questions LIVE while I cook and share stories and healthy recipes. Or check out my food photography and behind-the-scenes stories over on Instagram.

Questions? Business inquiries? You can always email me at andrea@dabblingchef.com.

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    Just saw a great idea for a healthier sandwich when passing the test kitchen at work. The chef wasn’t around to ask for details, but I thought I would pass along what I could identify and see if it inspires YOU!

    – salmon chunks (like when you get tuna in a can) mixed with seasonings
    – radish thinly sliced
    – cucumber thinly sliced

    there was some greenery too, but I can’t say I recognized it…

    Anyway hope this is just the 1% inspiration you need to try and make your own version!


    • 3
      dabbling chef

      Oooo that sounds delicious! Thank you for the inspiration!! I will definitely have to try a take on that. I’m sure it would be great with a simple aioli. mmmm. You’re so lucky you can pass by a test kitchen at work and get inspired! 🙂

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