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To degerm or not to degerm? Interesting and possibly controversial question. And what exactly is the germ anyway? It’s the sprouty thing in the middle of a clove of garlic. The older garlic gets, the bigger the germ. It’s sometimes even greenish and sticking out of the bottom. Gross. Why […]


Sage and walnut damper bread.

I’m supposed to be cleaning. But all I can think about is making some bread. This bread. And the sad thing. I just made a loaf of it yesterday. Apparently, I’m a greedy bread eater, because I want more. The loaf from yesterday. Almost gone. Yup. And that makes me […]


Trick or Treat or How ’bout some cookies?

It’s halloween and between candy and chocolate and Oktoberfest (had to throw that in there somewhere), I needed something else to satisfy my sweet tooth. So I decided to make my go-to absolute favorite low fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of baking bites. The only problem? Those trick-or-treaters kept […]


Simplest Sweet Potato Soup

The Sweet Potato Risotto from my first ever post was delicious and all, but what to do with all those leftover sweet potatoes? My vote, soup. I’ve been wanting to try out a recipe from vegan yum yum for a while, so I decided to go for it. The only […]


First of many.

I wanted to wait for something really good for my first official post, but then I realized it was turning into an excuse to procrastinate. It’s time to just get started already! So this very first recipe may not be groundbreaking or particularly sentimental in any way, but it’s a […]