Party Food

Best Ever Mac & Cheese (one vegan recipe, one classic)

If you’re going to indulge in mac & cheese, here are 2 ways to do it right. The first has been my go-to recipe for entertaining (here’s the original post on my blog). It’s simple to make, doesn’t require a roux (flour and water mixture to thicken the sauce) and […]


Super bowl appetizers and ads. My kind of party.

Football is fun to watch, but let’s face it, I’m all about the appetizers and ads. This year, the agency I work for had two great spots, NFL and the E*Trade baby. After getting a sneak preview on Thursday, I was super anxious to see the ads live. Maybe it […]


A make-ahead dinner party at the very last minute.

Planning ahead is not really my thing. I’m more of a spur-of-the-moment, figure out the details later kind of girl. Except when it comes to dinner menus. Tell me there’s a dinner party in the distant future, and my mind will start racing within a nanosecond. Before you can blink, […]