Vegetarian Mains

Vegetarian Main Dishes

The Kitchari Cleanse Miracle

Adapted from a recipe on my friend Renee’s blog, this is a mild Indian-inspired dish that has dual benefits. First off, it’s considered part of a cleanse to help detox the body and aid digestion. You may not associate Indian food with a cleanse, but this is a simple, clean […]


Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Lemon Pasta

It’s asparagus season, and red bowl loves asparagus. Luckily, I do too. Although the weather is still in denial that it’s spring, I vote we ignore that small hiccup and move on to enjoy one of the season’s best veggies. I don’t know if the general population likes asparagus as […]


Shakshuka aka Eggs in Purgatory

Sometimes I have issues with brevity. Granted it’s usually due to the fact that there is way too much I want to write about. I refuse to simply log on and type up a recipe without some kind of literary amuse-bouche to whet your appetite. But there is a downside […]


Lasagna by another name.

Ok, so it’s not really by another name. It is still lasagna in all its glory. Except for the teeny tiny insignificant fact that it uses an entirely different ingredient: Polenta. And why not? It’s a simple twist that takes something as ubiquitous as lasagna in a delicious new direction. […]


Three is so not a crowd.

Now that our little family has expanded from 2 to 3, a lot has changed. For one, we are now completely distracted and in awe of this new third party in our midst. And yes, a puppy is work, but it’s so worth it. How can anyone resist this face? […]