You hold the key to keeping salad fresh. Just don’t hold your breath.

The secret is in your breath. According to Dorie Greenspan, French cookbook author extraordinaire (she has 12 cookbooks, 4 James Beard awards, a borderline cult following with 2 days of the week—Tuesday and Friday—dedicated to her recipes, and a social-media savvy cookie business), the carbon dioxide from your breath can keep your precious salad greens from wilting.

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So how do you harness it? Prepare greens as usual. Wash them, dry them (I’m obsessed with my salad spinner), and store them in a plastic bag. But, before you seal that bag, blow a little puff of air into it first. Dorie learned this trick from a farmer and many swear by it as a sure-fire way to keep greens fresh for an entire week.

I can’t wait to try this trick and the many other tips and recipes in her latest book, Around My French Table. It also doesn’t hurt that I was a few feet away from Dorie Greenspan herself at the IACP Regional Conference in NYC this past Saturday. Clearly, I’m still a little star struck.

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