Epic Banana Cream Pie Recipe

So my banana cream pie set and apparently the world stopped. I stopped writing. Stopped cooking. Stopped obsessing over food. It’s almost as if that one simple accomplishment was the pinnacle of everything I could handle up until that moment. My banana cream pie set. Subsequently, my brain turned to mush.

It was simple, really. I used whole milk and heaped tablespoons of corn starch instead of level ones. So I admit. Sometimes, when baking, it’s wise to embrace fat.

Truth is, if you buy good quality organic whole milk, many actually argue that it’s better for you anyway. With whole milk, the nutrients aren’t stripped away and then added back in the form of fortified vitamins and minerals (which essentially makes it more processed, and it’s no secret that processed foods are bad). You can also argue that calories are not always as important; it’s the nutrients you get from food that really matter.

Now, I’m all for good quality ingredients, and I understand this logic, but I still can’t seem to make the switch to whole milk. I can’t help loving recipes that make small changes to up the health factor without altering the flavor, especially when it comes to baking. Whole milk to skim is usually one of those obvious changes. And if you remember the banana cream meltdown post, (written nearly ages ago) you’ll know that the skim milk did not make it any less delicious.

Bottom line: if you’re making a banana pudding not to ever be used in a pie, skim all the way (and I would still recommend getting organic, but that’s just me).

If it’s texture you’re after, then use whole milk (even though it is not specified in this recipe) and chalk those extra calories up to presentation.

I promise you this. If I can find a way to get this pie to set without dairy, you’ll be the first to know. Just don’t expect a new post anytime soon. I’m officially banana creamed out.


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  1. This looks divine!!!
    I have been looking for a good banana pie recipe.