Food Writing

Edible Queens – check out my article!

My first ever article is officially published in this week’s e-newsletter from Edible Queens magazine. I am still in complete shock, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited!!! Check it out here. Or read it below (although it’s so much better to experience it live in digital print)! Romanian Roulette […]


Antiquarian cooking in a Google world.

During my food writing class this past summer, we got the chance to meet and interview Bonnie Slotnick, the owner of an antiquarian/antique cookbook store on West 10th Street in Manhattan. With a total of two vintage cookbooks in my own collection, I was by no means an expert, but […]


Saveur in the sand.

As I turned the crinkled pages of the June/July issue of Saveur magazine, I regretted ever considering it beach reading. It filled a space in my carry-on bag and traveled all the way from Newark, NJ to Nassau, Bahamas in hopes of being devoured while basking in the sun on […]


Rethink Tuesdays.

Would you like a feta cigar with that hookah? Or perhaps some lamb sliders? Then head over to Kush on a Tuesday night where you’ll find a DJ spinning fresh, global beats, $10 hookahs all night, and a menu that lives up to the exotic décor. It’s the casual vibe […]