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Simple Chia Seed Pudding


  Work has been so busy, I can barely breathe. But I can eat. The problem is stress has a sneaky way of giving you excuses to splurge. Working late? Oh, yeah, I totally earned that cupcake. And as delicious as it is once it hits your lips, what I […]

Party Food

Housewarming party indecision.


 I’ve been planning this housewarming party for what seems like years. From the moment I first picked up a cookbook or scrolled through the pages of a cooking blog, I’ve been collecting recipes to try and share. But when I finally set an official date, I suddenly had writer’s block. […]

Vegetarian Mains

Lasagna by another name.


  Ok, so it’s not really by another name. It is still lasagna in all its glory. Except for the teeny tiny insignificant fact that it uses an entirely different ingredient: Polenta. And why not? It’s a simple twist that takes something as ubiquitous as lasagna in a delicious new […]