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Vegan Mains

Gluten-Free “Chicken” Pot Pie Recipe (vegan)


 Is it just me or does everything move slower in the winter? I’m speeding along trying to check off a million to-dos, yet my body is begging me to stop everything and cuddle on the couch in a big cozy sweater next to an¬†imaginary fireplace. Cue simple dinner ideas. I […]


Beet Red Detox Smoothie


 Because we could all use an itty bitty detox drink right about now.   Apple Beets Carrot Detox Smoothie ACTIVE 10 MINUTES TOTAL 10 MINUTES 1-2 SERVINGS 1 apple, cored and cubed 1 small beet (raw), peeled, cubed 1 large carrot, peeled 1 medium orange, zested first, then peeled 2 […]