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She’s here!


 After 3 years of waiting, obsessing, and perusing petfinder on a near daily basis, I finally got my boxer puppy!!! Here she is, little miss Penny. Her motto: eat, play, cuddle. Ready to pounce. Look at that wrinkly forehead. Inquisitive little one. Judging by the size of them paws, she’s […]

Freedom Food, Surprise me!

Brioche for you. (Part 2)


  I don’t want to keep you waiting much longer. But I simply can’t talk about brioche without mentioning Paris at least once. Although our own personal brioche discovery happened in Italy, brioche originates in France. And traditional brioche looks a little different from the Capri version from our favorite […]

Food Writing

Brioche makes up for lost time. (Part 1)


 Happy holidays and welcome to 2010! You’ll have to forgive my temporary leave of absence. I was apparently far too immersed in holiday happenings like eating and cooking and baking and drowning in lots of butter to catch up on my posts. And trust me, I have some serious catching […]

Cooking Tips



  To degerm or not to degerm? Interesting and possibly controversial question. And what exactly is the germ anyway? It’s the sprouty thing in the middle of a clove of garlic. The older garlic gets, the bigger the germ. It’s sometimes even greenish and sticking out of the bottom. Gross. […]