Food Writing

The Tucci Cookbook signing at Fishs Eddy

I can’t say I’ve been to many cookbook signings in my day. While I do own and appreciate signed cookbooks, I rarely venture out to wait in line and get that personal dedication penned on page 2. It’s simply too much work. Unless, of course, it’s Stanley Tucci. He just […]


NY Times D.I.Y Cooking Handbook

I absolutely love this and had to do a quick post about it. It has fantastic recipes and the site is beautifully done. The graphics are so clean and simple. I’d love to go down the list and make all of Julia Moskin’s D.I.Y recipes. Clarified butter, also known as […]


Cupcakes for a cause: on!

Check out my latest write up on the strong! Thank you to Andrea Strong for taking me on as a writer on her amazing blog! I’m thrilled for the opportunity and so excited to write for her (and it doesn’t hurt that we have the same first name). If […]


You hold the key to keeping salad fresh. Just don’t hold your breath.

The secret is in your breath. According to Dorie Greenspan, French cookbook author extraordinaire (she has 12 cookbooks, 4 James Beard awards, a borderline cult following with 2 days of the week—Tuesday and Friday—dedicated to her recipes, and a social-media savvy cookie business), the carbon dioxide from your breath can […]